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Make Your Own Kylo Ren Costume

DIY Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) Costume for Cosplay and Halloween

DIY Kylo Ren Costume Guide

DIY Kylo Ren Costume Guide

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo. As a powerful force user, Kylo (Ben Solo) fell to the Dark Side despite the efforts of his uncle Luke Skywalker to train him in the Force. He is fascinated by his late grandfather Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader, so much so that he worships the burned relic of Vader’s helmet.

Due to his obsession with his grandfather, Kylo’s wardrobe is greatly inspired by the dark, brutish look of Darth Vader’s attire. He wears all black robes and armor as well as a mask that is designed to mimic Vader’s signature mask.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Kylo Ren costume for cosplay or halloween.

How to Dress Like Kylo Ren

Adult Kylo Ren Costume 

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 Kylo Ren Gloves

 Funtasma Black Leather Boots

 Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Cosplay Costume Examples

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Kylo Ren Costume Breakdown


Remember Severus Snape, the bitter professor in the Harry Potter series? Well, Kylo must have admired Snape’s hairstyle, because he has the exact same greasy shoulder-length locks, jet black in color. To achieve this unique look you can buy a black wig and rub hair oil into it for a shinier look, or you can do the same with your own hair. Kylo also has thick black eyebrows. Use a black eyebrow pencil to get the look you want, and use over-the-counter drugstore setting spray to keep any makeup or face paint from smudging, especially if you plan to party hard.

Jagged Scar:

No Kylo Ren costume would be complete without adding the long jagged scar that he has over his left eye. You can use a red eyeliner pencil or Halloween makeup to draw a fake scar on your face. Use a Q-Tip cotton swab to blend it in slightly at the edges so it looks even more realistic and authentic.


Kylo wears all black, making him look just like ol’ Darth Vader himself in the most eerie, bat-like way possible. You can use a black turtleneck, black gloves, black jeans and black cape to get his look, or you can wear any other black article of clothing you’d like to customize the costume and make it entirely your own.


For footwear, use basic black shoes without markings or logos, and don’t forget a light-saber! You can create your own light-saber or buy one at a Halloween party store. A light-saber is a long tube of bright light in different primary colors. You can use your imagination to design your own light-saber using any materials you want, from flashlights to construction paper. What better way to see in the dark while trick-or-treating than with a light-up sword?

About Kylo Ren


Forgive me. I feel it again… The pull to the light… Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again… The power of the darkness… And I’ll let nothing stand in our way… Show me… Grandfather… and I will finish… what you started. 

Appears In:

Kylo Ren in Action