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Make Your Own Scott Rogowsky (HQ Trivia Host) Costume

DIY HQ Trivia Host Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween

DIY Scott Rogowsky HQ Trivia Costume Guide

DIY Scott Rogowsky Costume Guide

Scott Rogowsky is the zany game show host of HQ Trivia – a new live game show for your iPhone. He is known for his extreme use of hand gestures, wearing the same slim fit suit 7 days a week at 9PM, and crushing the dreams of trivia enthusiasts with trick questions on HQ Trivia.

In honor of today’s episode which featured a question on cosplay, we felt it was only appropriate that Scott get his very own cosplay costume guide. Stand out in a crowd of old and tired Harley Quinn and Rick Grimes cosplayers this Halloween or at your next comic-con by cosplaying as the fresh and rising pop culture icon Scott Rogowsky.

The bearded Scott Rogowsky appears to wear the same slim fit gray suit with a black skinny tie during every appearance. Since we only see him from waist up, Scott Rogowsky cosplay can get creative with below the waist clothing options.

How to Dress Like Scott Rogowsky

Bob Ross Beard

Charcoal Grey Men’s Slim Fit Suit 

 White Slim Fit Dress Shirt

 Charcoal Gray Skinny Tie

 NY Mets Fleece Pajama Pants

About Scott Rogowsky

Appears In:

HQ Trivia Logo

Scott Rogowsky in Action